What if you could straighten your teeth in a shorter period of time? Accelerated orthodontics are designed to straighten your teeth faster so you can achieve your ideal smile sooner! Our orthodontists and team are pleased to provide this treatment as a fast, safe and affordable alternative to traditional braces. While the average treatment time with traditional braces is 18-30 months, accelerated orthodontics can straighten your teeth in an average of only one year – and in some cases, in just a few months. This treatment uses a patented triangular bracket design, a special heat-activated wire and cutting-edge techniques to straighten your teeth faster.

Traditional braces straighten your teeth by first moving the crowns of the teeth (the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gums), and then repositioning the roots of the teeth. In contrast, accelerated orthodontics work on moving the roots of the teeth beginning on the first day of treatment to make your orthodontic experience more comfortable and efficient. By realigning the roots and crowns of teeth simultaneously, our orthodontists can shorten your treatment time. To learn more about the advantages of accelerated orthodontics, please call or visit us today.