Misaligned bites, also known as malocclusion, are a common problem in both children and adults. Common misalignment bites include crossbites, underbites and overbites. Overbites are often hereditary and occur when the upper teeth, or dental arch, hang over the lower. This can make the chin look sunken or too small, put unnecessary wear and tear on the enamel, interfere with the bite, and even cause jaw pain. Prevent or treat these symptoms with help from our orthodontists!

Northwestern Dental Group has a wide selection of services to address many different “bad bites,” including overbites. Our orthodontists will recommend the treatment that best fits you, tailoring it to meet your needs. Whether you require a simple appliance, braces, or need a more direct approach with surgery, depend on us to give you great care. Our individualized approach helps shorten treatment time, prevent complications and minimize patient discomfort, all without compromising results.

Reach out to our office at 847-929-9677 to learn more about our procedures and treatments. Each of our orthodontists and orthodontic team is trained and ready to guide you through your orthodontic or overbite correction in Skokie, Illinois. For professional opinions and caring individuals, come to Northwestern Dental Group.